L Visa Holders and Divorce

Divorce – the dissolution of marriage is difficult under any circumstances but it becomes even more stressful when a divorce occurs between the L1 or primary visa holder and L2 spouse of the primary visa holder.  When divorce is contemplated or pursued between the L1 visa holder it could result in the L2 spouse being required to leave the United States. This kind of situation may also require the involvement of a family lawyer.

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Visas from B1-O2:  An Overview of Some of the Most Commonly Issued Visas

There are 185 types of visas issued by the United States Government. There are two key visa categories that every visa applicant must be aware of and cognizant of the differences:  immigrant and non-immigrant visas.  Immigrant visas lead to a green card, which in turn leads to permanent residency in the United States. Non-immigrant visas will require the visa holder to leave the United States after the visa expires. However, depending on the visa type, non-immigrant visa holders may be able to apply for permanent residency.  This requires the input and analysis of a professional immigration expert. 

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What is a Visa Waiver?

The topic of visa waivers is both “hot” and complicated.  Each situation must be independently evaluated.  This is a brief overview of both some reasons for denials and an explanation of visa waivers. For  comprehensive advice please contact our office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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DV-2019 Lottery Application

New! DV-2019 Lottery App Service Now Online

The Lottery Visa DV-2019, also known as the Green Card Lottery (because of the color of the card), leads to permanent residence in the United States for an applicant, a spouse and their children under 21 years old.

Fadi Kayyali, Inc. is pleased to offer assistance in submitting the DV-2019 application. Click here to learn more and initiate the application online.

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Immigration Services

Types of Visas

The United States Government issues 185 types of visas. We are please to provide our expertise in helping you obtain your visa, and invite you to explore this list commonly issued visas–the Tourist B-1 visa, the Lottery visa DV 2019, the Investment E1 visa, E2 visa, EB-5 visa Employer Sponsored H visa, Student Research J visa, Fiancé K visa, Manager or Executive L-1 visa, and the Outstanding Ability O visa.

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We provide Full Immigration Services related to business and investment visas such as Eb-5, E-2, and L visas along with processing green card petitions. We have you live, work and invest in US.

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